Welcome to the picturesque garden village of Leura

Welcome to the picturesque garden village of Leura

Located just over 100 kilometres west of Sydney, Leura perfectly captures the spirit of the Blue Mountains, with stunning streetscapes, heritage buildings, glorious gardens, luxury accommodation, spectacular scenery and a beautiful main street.

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Leura Village

Leura Gardens Festival 2022

The Leura Village Association supports the Gardens Festival, one of the major events in the Leura Village calendar. Make your plans early; Spring is a wonderful time to visit and this is a popular event with 11 gardens to visit.

  • 01/10/2022 – 04/10/2022

Leura Village

Leura Village Fair 2022

It's back! Hosted by the Leura Village Association, and held over 2 days.

  • 08/10/2022 – 09/10/2022

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Leura Village on Tuesday, 16 August 2022

In the News - Spring Fair

Read about the return of the Fair, its history and its importance in shaping the village landscape to what it is today.

Leura Village on Monday, 15 August 2022

New Trail - Bookshop Trail

Eleven independent book sellers in the Blue Mountains have come together to create the Blue Mountains Bookshop Trail, stretching from Glenbrook to Blackheath.

Leura Village on Tuesday, 9 August 2022

Ritz Development Application

A revised DA has been submitted by the developer, which is still unacceptable to residents and the Leura Village Association.

Leura Village Gardens

Leura is known as the "garden village" because of the many attractive public and private gardens in the district. These are showcased each year during the annual Garden Festival. Complementing these are the public gardens in the village centre.

Since the early 1980s, these public gardens have been, and continue to be designed and managed by the Leura Village Association in partnership with the Blue Mountains City Council, to become what we see today.

The beginnings were the planting of the now iconic Cherry Trees, and over the years the LVA has supported the development of the precinct by funding the services of a horticulturalist and fostering a team of volunteers, who together spend hundreds of hour each year to maintain them to the highest standards.

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Gardeners of Leura

The GoLlies are the volunteer gardeners and the horticulturalist who together maintain and develop the public gardens in the Mall.

Leura Village Association

The Association works to encourage and maintain a vibrant and sustainable commercial community.

Waste Strategy

For many years, the LVA has been active in waste minimisation.