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Committee Update - January meeting

Posted by Leura Village on Tuesday, 31 January 2023

The new Committee had its first meeting on January 31st following their election at the AGM last December. It was a transition meeting as they looked at the upcoming year, carry over items from the former committee, responsibilities and administration matters. The following is a summary of the more important matters discussed.


The following functions were identified and allocated amongst the Committee members.

  • Public Officer - David Hodgekiss
  • Events - Adele Cannella and Bruce Hart
  • Communication - Adele Canella
  • Membership - Kim Vidler
  • Charter, Website, GoLlies - Doug Morris
  • Correspondence and Minutes - Jodie Dalglish

A person to fill the secretary role has not been identified, however all of the functions performed have been assigned amongst the committee members.


The Association is governed by the Associations Incorporation Act 2009 which is administered by the Department of Fair Trading. Each 5 years the provisions of the Act are reviewed and as a consequence of the latest review, new provisions have been implemented. In order to be compliant, it was decided to update the Constitution to bring it in line, and at the same time review its current provisions for relevance.

A first draft is being prepared (based on the model constitution provided by Fair Trading), for consideration by the Committee and when adopted and after legal review, will be put to the membership for consideration as a special resolution as required under paragraph 40 of the Constitution.


The second version of the Charter was tabled and adopted.

While the Constitution governs the operation of the Association, the Charter records history of the Association's activities and records policy on various topics for the Committee's guidance.

Harvest Festival

The date for the Harvest Festival was set for 6th May and planning is already under way.

Sponsor Membership

The Committee decided to add a new class of membership, called "Sponsor Member", to recognise the support provided to the Association for our events. Many sponsors are not members of the Association and so it was considered appropriate, as part of their sponsorship package, to include membership. Exact details are being worked out and will be posted to the website once determined.

Meeting Schedule

The next meeting is scheduled for February 28th. It is a Committee Meeting as there is still a lot of administration matters to be resolved.

A schedule will be prepared for the balance of the year including General Meetings when any member of the Association can attend.

If you have any matter that you would like the Committee to consider, please email us.

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