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Leura Area Traffic Management Plan

Posted by Leura Village on Monday, 18 July 2022

The Blue Mountains City Council finalised its third report on traffic management for Leura. The report dated 13th July 2020, was released for comment in June 2022. It is in two parts, an Options Report indicating the Council's immediate focus, and a Public Exhibition/Modelling Report.

A subcommittee of the Leura Village Association was formed to consider the documents and what, if any, would be an appropriate response for the Association. The subcommittee prepared its recommendation and this was adopted by the Association's Committee and submitted to the BMCC.

The essence of this was:

  • The Reports did not address the long term projected needs to resolve the major traffic flows anticipated.

  • The Association's submission expressed concern that the Reports did not suggest a long term solution for tourist buses, and the short term solutions were not ideal. Various suggestions were made.

  • Parking was not addressed in any way that would increase the number of spaces within the Village precinct, or nearby. The Association made several suggestions to remedy this problem.

  • The Association opposed the idea of paid parking

  • Road, bike and pedestrian access along Railway Parade west of the Mall is a continuing problem and has been under discussion for too long. The Association strongly supports the suggestions in the Reports and encourages early action.

  • Signalling at Scott Avenue and Great Western Highway is strongly supported for early implementation.

The Association's submission can be read here.


Leura Community Alliance 22nd October 2022

The Alliance is most concerned that the Council does not appear to be responding to input and concerns of the residents of Leura and provide guidance on how people can voice their concerns.

Gazette 7th September 2022

BMCC has deferred consideration of coach movements from the traffic management plan.

BMCC Resolution August 30, 2022

Under the heading of "Public Exhibition Outcomes" the Council resolved to:

  • Develop an implementation plan for those suggestions with strong support
  • Engage with residents on the Railway West options
  • Defer the tourist coach issue to be considered with the pay parking strategy.

Minute number 238

Gazette 11th July 2022

The Leura Community Alliance's response is reported and It indicates that the Alliance supports a paid parking option which is not the LVA's position.

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