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Posted by Leura Community Alliance on Saturday, 14 January 2023

Alliance member, the Friends of Gordon Falls and Leura (FOGFAL) has undertaken a thorough review of the Council’s current proposals in respect of the Gordon Falls Master Plan. In this connection, Members of the Alliance were briefed last Friday evening by FOGFAL’s own technical expert, Warwick Donnelly, on a series of alternative suggestions he has developed that address the various elements of the concept design.

Following Warwick’s presentation, Alliance members in attendance feel confident that these alternative suggestions regarding traffic & parking; siting of public toilets; and location and accessibility of lookouts, are better able to meet the design objectives for the project than those currently being proposed by the Council.

As the extended public consultation period on the Master Plan ends this Sunday evening, leaving little time to prepare detailed submissions, the Alliance is recommending that Members, Affiliates and Supporters consider simply writing to the Council indicating their support for the FOGFAL alternative proposals. The terms of a sample response to Council (see below and attached) as a guide. Responses should be emailed to:


Dr Rosemary Dillon
Chief Executive Officer
Blue Mountains City Council

Dear Dr Dillion

I am writing (on behalf of…) regarding the draft concept design report which is proposed to inform the Gordon Falls Master Plan.

I/We strongly support the content of the submission on these proposals that has been prepared by The Friends of Gordon Falls and Leura (FOGFAL).

In my/our view, the alternative FOGFAL suggestions regarding traffic management & parking; the siting of public toilets; and the location and accessibility of lookouts, better meet the design objectives for this critical project than those currently contained in the concept design report.

I/we believe that the FOGFAL suggestions are most likely to result in an outcome that will have the overwhelming support of the local community. Accordingly, I/we would urge the Council and its consultants to continue to engage co-operatively with FOGFAL and its expert adviser, Warwick Donnelly, to achieve this end.

Yours sincerely

Rod Stowe Chair

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