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Posted by Leura Community Alliance on Sunday, 13 November 2022

The Council’s further response letter dated 04nov22 to the Alliance’s enquiry regarding the criteria it uses to determine the location for new and replacement footpaths can be seen here.

The following email has been received from a Leura Resident

Earlier this year the existing - and in good shape - curb, guttering, and footpath on Olympian Parade, between Balmoral Road and Lone Pine Avenue was replaced by council at no doubt great expense. No matter how far one’s imagination might care to wander it's impossible to conceive, under present circumstances, how a single cent could be spent on this stretch of already completely sound footpath. The old one was dug up, removed and replaced, and for what?

Between the corner of Balmoral and Lone Pine there are 7 residences, only ONE of which is permanently occupied……….

Can the council explain why this was done, while Balmoral Rd, Lone Pine Avenue, and most of Jersey Avenue have NO curb, NO guttering and NO footpaths and while other major repair works are desperate for funding?

This clearly evidences why the Council’s process is not delivering for the Leura community and why we need to advocate for greater community engagement in this regard.

This subject will be on the agenda for the Alliance's next meeting on December 19th, and so if you have ideas as to how we might achieve this outcome please email the Alliance.

Rod Stowe

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