Leura Mall gets a Big Drink

Posted by Leura Garage on Monday, 27 January 2020

On Monday 27 January the Leura Garage emptied its two under-floor tanks that were installed when they restored the old garage as a cafe-restaurant and bar. The tanks hold 40,000 litres of rainwater that is harvested and filtered three times before being used for the cafe washing and drinking. Regulations require that the tanks are emptied and cleaned once a year. Instead of sending this glorious resource into the gutters, a simple, yet ingenious idea was to direct the water into the flowerbeds of Leura Mall. A team involving staff from the Leura Garage, volunteers of the Leura Garden Force, lead by Kerry Brown and using the know-how, hoses and pumps of engineer Bob Kemnitz worked to give the flower beds a well deserved drink. Despite several weeks of intermittent rain that had filled the tanks, after years of dry, only the top inch of the soil in the Leura garden beds is moist. So this was a garden blessing. Thank you to the Leura Garage. Pictured here is Kerry Brown who leads the Leura Garden Force.

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The Leura Garage is an award winning restaurant, cafe’ and bar. Our passion for satisfying our customers exceeds that of an F1 Racing pit crew. We are a well oiled machine, we aspire to nothing less than precision service.

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